Ausbruch 0.5.1 hotfix

Hi outbreak lovers!

I optimized the most important things and uploaded a new build:

- I shortened the launchSequence and put most of the rest into the game, so you can skip it with A now

- I switched the dust animation as table.animation and initially load the table into the app - that should counteract the DropFrames, I suspect :-)

- I optimized the buttons, the bouncer shouldn't stop anymore

- I have integrated a counter-strategy against tunneling via a second collider detection... in such a case, the boundary and the ball are reset hard to their starting position in space at the moment

- there is now an icon & icon-pressed 32x32 for the list view I hope

I hope the alpha is more playable now!

I wish everyone a pleasant summer!

With love from Hamburg

Your Matthew

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88 days ago

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