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Release candidate 1.0.0 is completed!
the last things... I took advantage of the long weekend because of the holiday and went over Ausbruch with the polishing cloth. After almost 100 days of project...
Ausbruch - Release - early October!
Hello! This week was very productive. I have all 60 rooms playable! The only thing missing is the helicopter at the end. That's what I've planned for tonight! V...
Ausbruch - Demo 1.0.0 - released!
Dear outbreak lovers! Only hard work separates us from the full release :-) So that the wait isn't so difficult, there is now a 10 to 15 mini tour through 9 of...
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Ausbruch at Playdate Community Direct Oct '23!
What a week! The 30 second trailer will most likely be shown at the Playdate Community Direct on 5 October! How wonderful! I will therefore once again put toget...
mental breakthrought at main stage
After I was able to launch a batch of content last week, this week it was time for testing and polling. A lot of technical stuff under the hood. Load management...
Underground area setup finished!
To be honest, my workflow in this project is still very shirtless :-) Everything new and exciting and so tiny :-) I had tried the last room with the subway week...
My Playdate landed here!
My playdate has arrived! I almost missed them :-) But now it's here - so wonderful! I've already played Ausbruch extensively and thanks to your first feedback...
Content, Content, Content...
Still summer holidays, but now back in Hamburg... I brought the complete level design for the underground from France. I've already started with the main level...
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Thanks for checking in! I hope you know how to get a pdx on your playdate? I have no idea yet, I'm still waiting for the...
started by Klickaffen Game Club 90 days ago
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I've noticed that a tunnel effect can very rarely occur if you press the ball unfavorably against a wall with the bounce...
started by Klickaffen Game Club 90 days ago
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